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  • Private Mail in Estonia

    Private postal companies do not exist in Estonia; at least not if you mean stamp-issuing private posts that operate on a local or regional level, such as various "citypost" companies in Germany, with their own stamps, letterboxes, etc.

    However, there are mail delivery services and courier services, since 2009 also for letter mail (see below).

    The Estonian Post, "AS EESTI POST", itself has been a private company since 2014, however (AS = Aktsiaselts = a public limited company, which in this case is 100% owned by the Estonian state). As part of the internationally operating logistics company OMNIVA, it operates as a nationwide "private post", comparable roughly to Deutsche Post AG, cf. more detailed explanations under "Collecting Area Independent Republic of Estonia, Euro Currency Chapter (since 2011)".

    Anyone can obtain "stamps on private order" from the AS EESTI POST via OMNIVA. The Schwaneberg catalogue lists the stamps issued under this designation since 2012 with a personalised stamp image as Michel numbers 1 to 12 separately at the end of the country's catalogue. It is estimated that there are now several tens of thousands of stamps on private order with different motifs. They can be ordered online at

    Minu marka Michel 557

    Michel No. 557
    First Minu Mark, postal ornamental field Old and New Tallinn, date of issue May 22, 2006.

    Minu marka Michel 961

    Michel No. 961
    Fixed ornamental field Muhu Island (German name: Moon), issue date July 5, 2019

    Minu marka Michel 577

    Michel No. 577
    Second Minu Mark, postal ornamental field University of Tartu, date of issue February 22, 2007.

    In addition, the so-called "Minu Mark" (plural: Marka), "My Mark", issues have been catalogued under the Michel main numbers since 2006. In essence, these are also privately ordered stamps, which were issued by the state-owned EESTI POST until 2013 and by the privatised postal company AS EESTI POST under the umbrella of OMNIVA Holding since 2014. Some of the Minu Marka were and are issued with a fixed "postal" decorative field, others without it, like the "private-order stamps" mentioned above.

    Between 2006 and 2019, the following Minu Marka were catalogued with Michel main numbers: 557, 577, 617, with overprint 714 to 716, 724, 811, 961.

    The Minu Marka Michel Nos. 714 to 716 are special in that they were created by overprinting new value levels on the original Minu Marka Nos. 557, 577 and 617. Moreover, they were only available with (and not without) personalised decorative fields and only by private order. At the same time, with a circulation of 26,154 (MiNo. 714), 12,240 (MiNo. 715) and 13,374 (MiNo. 716) pieces, they have the lowest circulation of all Estonian stamps available since the regaining of independence.

    Minu marka Hiiumaa

    Special postal stationery No. 95 (2017) with the fixed ornamental field Hiumaa Island (Dagö) of the Minu Mark MiNo. 811 (2014)

    Minu marka think_green

    Stamp on private order MiNr. 11 (2016), motif "Think Green" on the occasion of the International Stamp Fair Essen 12-14.05.2016.
    In this case, the private customer was EESTI POST itself.

    Courier and delivery services

    As early as 2001, the delivery service "D2D Kättetoimetaja Kullerteenus" ("D2D Hand Delivery Courier Service") started in Estonia, delivering parcels and packages as well as letters.

    D2D cover

    Letter from and to Tartu, sent by D2D 04 -08- 2001

    Other delivery services were founded, for example, around the subject of newspapers and magazines, and after opening of the postal system in 2009, the scope of work also extended to the classic letter mail, but not by mailbox, but collected from the customer.

    An example of this: Expresspost (

    Expresspost cover

    Letter with unknown place of dispatch and delivery, sent by Expresspost 04 -08- 2021. Striking is the postmark of a postal distribution center, usual for the Estonian state post, here in Keila / Saku; i.e. that presumably the letter mail is partly delivered by the state post (AS Eesti Post).