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Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baltikum e.V. (working group Baltic States)
The Collectors of Baltic Philately in Central Europe

Emerged from: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Estland e.V. + Forschungsgemeinschaft Lettland + Forschungsgemeinschaft Litauen e.V. + Nederlandse Filatelistengroep "Het Baltische Gebied"

Wir grüßen alle Freunde baltischer Philatelie! Greetings to The Friends of Baltic Philately! Groeten aan alle vrienden van de Baltische filatelie! Tervitused kõigile Balti filateelia sõpradele! Sveicieni visiem draugiem Baltijas Filatēlija! Sveikiname visus Baltijos filatelijos bičiulius!

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Next date: due to Philatelia Munich only on Saturday March 11 2023 at 17:00 h CET

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None so far – feel free to present something from your collection!

Anyone with an interest in Baltic philately is welcome!

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C.G. Award 2022

Just in time for Christmas, ArGe Baltikum received the news from the auction house Gärtner that ArGe Baltikum has achieved 9th place in the overall ranking (print, digital and youth) of the C.G. Awards 2022, a "more than respectable result among 36 strong international participants" (Löbbering). This is associated with an amount of 200,- € which will be donated to the association's treasury. The award ceremony took place on November 24 as part of the "MonacoPhil" 2022.

The individual scores were as follows:

Overall: 9th place out of 21 participants in all 3 areas with 73.5 points out of a possible 100 (1st place = 78.5 points)

Print Media and Innovative Ideas: no separate placement, 35 out of a possible 50 points (1st place = 42.5 points)

Digital: 12th place out of 31 participants with 17.5 out of 30 possible points (1st place = 23.5 points)

Youth, youth development and public relations: 10th place out of 29 participants with 15 out of 20 possible points (1st place = 18 points)

You can find the detailed results on the web at

The Collectors of Ulm

In Ulm, um Ulm und um Ulm herum – this is a well-known tongue twister that every child in Germany once learned. In Ulm, that is in the form of the fair the place where the successor event to the legendary Sindelfingen stamp fair took place after a two-year (pandemic-related) interruption from October 27 to 29, 2022. Philatelists from all over the world met in a large hall with dealers and postal societies and a smaller one with working groups and associations. And the ArGe Baltikum was also there, in the form of an information stand and in the person of several members who manned this stand (and others) and answered questions.

Ulm 2022 Bild 1

This is how we met our place ...

Ulm 2022 Bild 2

... and this is how it looked "in operation".

On the occasion of the fair, the results of the 4th ArGe literature exhibition in the BDPh (associated with the Rauhut literature prize) were also announced. We achieved:

Ulm 2022 Bild 3

Stamp Manual Lithuania
85 p. Gold
6th place out of 42

Ulm 2022 Bild 4

84 p. Large Vermeil
12th place out of 26

Ulm 2022 Bild 5
83 p. Large Vermeil
4th place out of 13

Ulm 2022 Bild 6

Working guide No. 1
75 p. Vermeil
37th place out of 42

These are results of which we can be justifiably proud. In particular, Martin Bechstedt and Bernhard 'Tony' Fels are to be congratulated on their internet postmark-database with accompanying book, since in the otherwise somewhat Germany-heavy evaluation in this competition, the "fringe area" of Lithuania was deservedly rated highly here.



Cooperation with the Lithuanian Philatelic Society (LPS)

The cooperation of the ArGe Baltikum with other philatelic societies dealing with the Baltic States and the exchange of journals with them has now been extended to the Lithuanian Philetelic Society (LPS) based in Chicago/USA, after HBG and Rossica (since 2018) and the ArGe Deutsche Ostgebiete (since 2019).

Members of the ArGe Baltic receive access to the Journal of the LPS from No. 1 / 1946 onwards. The Bulletins have been bilingual Lithuanian / English since 1988 (No. 205) and offer a wealth of first-class information on Lithuanian philately from the pens of active members worldwide.

If you are also interested, please become a member of ArGe Baltikum!

In return, LPS members receive access to the latest issues of BALTIKUM (issues older than 1.5 years are freely available on this web anyway). By the way: Lithuanian philately is also the subject of a monthly video chat (in English) at the LPS, to which all interested parties are welcome at any time. Information on this can be found on the LPS website,

Just have a look!