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Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baltikum e.V. (working group Baltic States)
The Collectors of Baltic Philately in Central Europe

Emerged from: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Estland e.V. + Forschungsgemeinschaft Lettland + Forschungsgemeinschaft Litauen e.V. + Nederlandse Filatelistengroep "Het Baltische Gebied"

Wir grüßen alle Freunde baltischer Philatelie! Greetings to The Friends of Baltic Philately! Groeten aan alle vrienden van de Baltische filatelie! Tervitused kõigile Balti filateelia sõpradele! Sveicieni visiem draugiem Baltijas Filatēlija! Sveikiname visus Baltijos filatelijos bičiulius!

Database Project 'Daily Postmarks of the Independent Republic of Lithuania from 1990 onwards'

In July 2021, a database application by ArGe members Martin Bechstedt and Bernhard 'Tony' Fels went online for everyone. All you need is a working internet connection and a browser programme like the one you are currently using to view this page.

You can view the tables or figures on the Internet or, if you are interested, download the entire content or only parts for your own use.

More information on this and a brief introduction to the topic 'The Daily Stamps of the Independent Republic of Lithuania since 1990 – Introduction and Systematisation' can be found on our Working aids page!

First Digital Regulars' Table of the ArGe Baltikum

On May 1, 2021, the ArGe Baltikum met for its first Digital Regulars' Table. Since we were already unable to meet in person in 2020 due to the pandemic and the general meeting in Hennef also had to be cancelled for this year, this seemed like a "small" substitute.

The advantages: We don't need to travel and can still talk and see each other, show documents and give lectures, exchange files and information, etc. The disadvantage: a personal meeting has a different social quality than a digital meeting. According to the statutes, we have to meet physically for a general meeting, so this is not possible digitally.

The meetings will be held as Zoom meetings at monthly intervals until further notice. Exact dates, times and the access link can be found on our activities page.p>

JAPEX 2020, Tokyo 6 – November 8, 2020

Philately only takes place digitally? Not quite: On February 23, 2021, after almost three months of running and swimming, I received a SEA MAIL from IMAFUKU, JAPAN dated 1 XII. 20 12-18. Not only the clean stamp strikes and pleasing stamp motifs were pleasing to the eye. Even greater curiosity was aroused by the label that the SEA MAIL "Prioritaire - LC" landed in the hitherto unknown Hessian overseas port of NIEDERAULA . More on this below.

But now to the contents of the SEA MAIL: The 34-page official catalogue of JAPEX 2020 reveals illustrious patrons of the Japanese national stamp exhibition, including Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Embassy in Tokyo, the BEETHOVEN-HAUS BONN and the world's highest-circulation daily newspaper, Tokyo Shimbun. Under the black-red-gold motto of the Beethoven Year 2020/2021 "Shaping the Future", the 55th National Exhibition of Japan gathered the worldwide spectrum of philately, including our collector friend ARAKI Hirotaka.

As a leading LITHUANIA–specialist in Japan, he exhibited his display "The postal history of Lithuania based on registered mail 1989–1996" in five frames and won Vermeil. On the occasion of the exhibition, he wrote a multi-page article in his local association's quarterly magazine "TOMON PHILATELIE" of December 2020 on the occasion of the "100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuanian State Independence Presented on the Basis of its National Stamps".

The modern philately of Lithuania offers a wide field of highly interesting motifs of traditional as well as modern design. Collector friend ARAKI Hirotaka deserves thanks and recognition for making these known in Asia for decades. Congratulations on his exhibition success!

So what is this mysterious sticker from SEA MAIL all about? The small text at the bottom reveals it in bumpy French: "En cas d'irregularite, cette etiquette doit etre jointe au bulletin de verification", i.e. "In the event of an irregularity, this note must be attached to the verification slip". The transit time control at the International Postal Centre (IPZ) Niederaula of the German Post AG has noticed that three months transit time for a "Prioritaire - LC" is unusually long ... and will hopefully find the cause to be able to shorten the transit time in the future.

P.S. Take a look at the newly designed modern "Collecting area Lithuania from 1990" here on this web!