Digital Regulars' Table of the ArGe Baltikum

We cordially invite you – whether you are a member of the ArGe or someone with an interest in Baltic philately – to our next digital regulars' table with Zoom!

Take part in the exchange, show your latest achievements and ask your questions!

On Saturday, October 2, 2021.

17:00 h Central European Summer Time (Berlin Time, UTC+2)

18:00 h Eastern European Time (Tallinn Time, Riga Time, Vilnius Time, UTC+3)

10:00 AM Central Time (USA and Canada time, UTC-5)

The meeting will open 15 minutes earlier – if you want to try out your screen-sharing, you are welcome to use this time!

Special topic: None so far. If you would like to contribute - go ahead!
If you would also like to present something, please contact the Webmaster in advance!

Join the Zoom meeting with:

Meeting-ID: 818 1441 6612

Identification code: 733364

  • Stamp Fair Essen

    The 31st International Stamp Fair in Essen planned for May 6 to 8, 2021, was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. Fairs have been banned since the beginning of November 2020, and it is not at all foreseeable when and under what conditions major events will be allowed again in Germany.

    The next stamp fair in Essen is scheduled for May 5 to 7, 2022. One year later, the International Stamp Fair will be held together with the World Stamp Exhibition IBRA 2023 in Essen from May 25 to 28, 2023.

    Information about Stamp Fair Essen
  • General meeting of the ArGe Baltikum

    The general meetings of the ArGe Baltikum take place in the State Sports School North Rhine-Westphalia of the German Football Association in Hennef.
    Here you have the opportunity to get to know the people personally from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime, with whom you can meet together in the ArGe Baltic States and indulge your philatelic hobby. Members will receive further information on the procedure by mail. Interested parties please contact the chairman of the ArGe.

    Information on the conference venue
  • Ostropa 2020

    The Association of German Philatelists (BDPh) is organizing a rank 1 competition exhibition together with several philatelic associations of Eastern Europe in the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin. The ArGe Baltikum will be represented there on all days of the exhibition with its own Information booth, so that you can inform yourself about our collecting areas and the ArGe informally.

    Information about Ostropa
  • International Stamp market Sindelfingen

    The ArGe Baltikum does not have an information booth at the Sindelfingen stamp exchange. However, if you would like to meet ArGe members personally and receive information about the ArGe, please contact the Chairman of the ArGe.

    More information
  • Philatelia Munich

    The former Munich Stamp Exchange is now called Philatelia Munich.

    Philatelia Munich was supposed to take place on 5-7 March 2021, but the current restrictions in connection with the Corona pandemic do not allow this. Currently, the next Philatelia Munich is planned for 2022.

    Unfortunately, ArGe Baltikum does not have an information booth at Philatelia Munich, but if you would like to meet ArGe members in person and receive information about the ArGe, please contact the Chairman of the ArGe.

    Info about Philatelia Munich