Dear visitors of this website!

DDear readers, dear collector friends! The working group Baltic States e.V. in the Federation of German Philatelists was formed in 2016 by the fusion of the former Arbeitsgemeinschaft Estland (Estonian Working Group) and the former Forschungsgemeinschaft Litauen (Lithuanian Research Foundation). Members of the unincorporated Forschungsgemeinschaft Latvia and the Dutch Filatelist Group 'Het Baltische Gebied' joined us. Together we since then form the new Baltic Working Group.

And this new working group also went online immediately. With this website we would like to introduce you to our hobby, the philately of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, in short: the Baltic States.

We, that is about 120 philatelists from Germany and the world, who have dealt with the philately of the Baltic States from today back to the Introduction of the first public postal services in today's Lithuania in 1558. Stamps, forms, motifs and much more come along.

So have fun with your foray through the philately of the Baltic States!

Thomas Löbbering, Chairman 2016–2022 of the ArGe Baltikum e.V

Members of the Board since 2022

Torsten Berndt
Chairman, Chief Editor

Collection areas: Estonia, Saar area from 1947, Sweden, Norway, Israel

Martin Bechstedt
Deputy Chairman,
Specialist editor Lithuania

Collection areas: Lithuania, Estonia from 1990, voting area North Schleswig

Michael Haslau
(BPP Examiner Memel)

Collection areas: Memel, Lithuania, Saar

Friedhelm Doell
Webmaster, Corporate Designer

Collection areas: Estonia (stamps, receipts, postal history, forms, postage free consignments)

"A community is like a ship: everyone should be ready to pitch in."

Thomas Löbbering

Members of the editorial staff

Thomas Löbbering
Specialist Editor Estonia
(BPP Examiner Estonia)

Collection areas: Estonia 1868–1944 (stamps, postal history, postmarks), Afghanistan, Vatican

Ruud van Wijnen
Specialist editor Latvia

Collection areas: Postal History Latvia